Invest and Improve GTA Real Estate

What we do?

Help create Value in Real Estate

Lux Development focuses on helping investors and homeowners to improve real estate assets to value.  Lux Development will identify real estate assets such as residential investment, multi-family, land and commercial real estate.  We further improve the asset to add value and stabilize it with the goal of maximizing your returns, minimizing risks, and with sustainability in mind.



To learn more, please contact us on how we can help investors like you to create values in real estate.


Our Specialization

Lux specializes in real estate investments where hidden potentials were not yet realized.  We work with professional teams to design the best use which creates the greatest value injection for the real estate assets.

Commercial Investments

Stable commercial rental with optimized operations.

Commercial Value Add

Add value to create higher value.

Land Development

Convert raw lands to buildable lands for greater value.

Infill Development

Develop infill lands to realize higher potentials.

Commercial Investments

Commercial properties investments create long term stable cashflow for investors.  Lux Development will help you select the right commercial property and also have ready AAA long term tenants for the space.  This provides long-term cashflow with reduced investment risks.

Commercial Value Add

Growth opportunities in Commercial properties may include renovations, additions, conversions etc.  This creates appreciation in the assets and produces long term exit benefits. 

Land & Infill Development

Land development converts non-buildable land into buildable land or from a low density usage to a high density usage.  Lux Development helps investors acquire lands with potential.  Working with experienced architecture teams, Lux Development designs the best use of land and executes the land development plan to help investors achieve high return on investment.

Realize True Potential

The true potential of a land can be realized through the land development process.  It surfaces the hidden opportunities and increases the value of the land.

Sustainability in Mind


At Lux Development, we aim to use the natural features of the location to effectively and efficiently incorporate sustainability elements such as walkability, bikeability and green spaces, into our designs.

Social Community

Houses are getting more compact as housing demand increases, but distance between neighbours continue to grow further apart. One aspect of sustainability is to create design that can bring people together, such as creating communal spaces which encourage social exchange.

The Lux Method

We are passionate in creating values in real estate that were not realized previously.  GTA has a wide variety of investment properties that are suitable for Lux’s value-adding investment philosophy.  We have a systematic process to identify, acquire, improve and stablize on real estate assets.  



Work with real estate professionals to identify assets with growth potential.



During acquisition, due diligence is performed to validate the assets and the opportunity. 



Design and execute the improvement plan that can create the best value in the assets. 



Stabilizing the real estate assets will create long-term cashflow and high exit value.